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We spend one third of our lives working: every single day, we make an impact in the life of our stakeholders (employees, customers, investors, managers, colleagues).
We are only as good as the reputation we build for ourselves.

Despite having made many mistakes in life and business, I am proud of the impact I had on the people I encountered in my journey. Some of the people (employees, managers, investors, mentees) have been so kind to put this in writing. Here are some testimonials.


Michele was the best boss I’ve ever had! […] Under his mentorship, he taught me and the rest of the team far more about digital marketing and growth hacking than I had learned in my entire career. […] He’s such an inspiring and fair manager who has always really supported me in my own learning and development […].


I have known Michele for a good couple of years, and without a doubt, he is one of the most incredibly driven guys I’ve ever met. […] I was so impressed with his confident manner, witty personality and clarity of thinking. […] What most impresses me about Michele is his abundant emotional intelligence which I think it’s a key ingredient of his ability to make employees feel like a part of a family.


It was an absolute pleasure to have worked under Michele during my time at Rock Mission. He was a strong, positive influence on me and the whole team; the experience gained for us all was paramount to our career development. […] Michele is still someone I consider a mentor and enjoy reconnecting with and learning from. […]


Michele is an exceptional individual and became my most trusted manager. […] Michele’s analytical skills became invaluable to me and became my perfect foil, as we drove changes into the business.
Michele has the kind of manner that is straightforward, honest, but respectful, which quickly earnt him the trust of the Board of Directors, despite being the youngest manager in the business.


Michele is an excellent problem-solver. […] Skilled in grasping the big picture, he excels in leading the team to meet and exceed company objectives, and never failed to add a creative touch when appropriate.


Michele’s contributions to my learning have been incomparable. Michele helped me settle into a brand-new industry with a very short space of time and made it all relatively easy and uncomplicated. […] His clarity of thinking is incomparable. […]




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