Dear guest, thanks for visiting my personal website. My name is Michele Cuccovillo (before you ask… it’s pronounced Meekele Cookkow-veellow) and work as an Executive at tech scale-ups (typical roles: VP/Director/Chief of Marketing or Growth), an entrepreneur and a small-cheque investor with over 15 years of experience in setting up, scaling and managing teams.
I currently serve as interim Global Director of Marketing at WiredScore.


Some people are born with a very clear idea of what they’ll want to do in their professional lives. So they go after it heads down and typically specialise in a narrow field. I admire them, but I am not one of them.

In every stage of my life, in fact, I found something interesting that I wanted to know more about and play with. Against today’s prevailing world of specialisation, I am a proud generalist whose curiosity will forever remain unconstrained.

I was born in a beautiful but small town in Apulia, in the South of Italy, called Trani. As a kid, I absolutely loved maths and quickly became some sort of a maths freak. As an adolescent, though, I took an interest in humanities and ended up studying Latin, Ancient Greek, History and Philosophy. 

At uni, I changed my path again and graduated in Business, Accounting and Finance. I also hold an MBA from ESCP Europe.

I worked in multiple sectors such as Finance, Consulting, FMCG and Tech and in a number of different roles: Chief of Staff, Head of Operations, CEO, CMO, Head of Growth (my focus in the last few years).

The knowledge that I have accumulated across a number of functions and sectors allows me to understand and speak the language of pretty much anybody I come across, regardless of their seniority, sector or else.


I am an entrepreneur, a VP of Growth and Growth Consultant, and an occasional angel/crowd/crypto investor.


  • I am a Growth specialist for VC-backed tech startups.
  • I have managed teams of up to 100 people and budgets up to $25m/year, scaled companies to $50m ca (first as a COO and then as a VP of Growth) and generated revenues in excess of $100m.
  • As an entrepreneur, I founded, which is now the UK’s largest reservation platform for brunches
  • I am an occasional mentor at accelerators such as Level39, Barclays Rise, TechItalia Lab and visiting lecturer at UCL, Hult, ESCP Europe





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